Reliable and competitively-priced flat roofing services through the London area 

In domestic settings, flat roofs are most commonly a feature on house extensions or garages.

But traditionally, flat roofs are also more prone to leaking as the seals on traditional felt roofing joins are gradually undermined by changes in temperature throughout the year. They eventually start to leak. The problem is often made worse because, unlike a pitched roof, puddles can gather on a flat roof, allowing water ingress.

HR Landscapes and Roofing (UK) Limited are roofing specialists offering traditional felt roof replacement or fibre glass roofing, also known as GRP. Fibreglass is used on the hulls of boats, so it stands to reason that this is an excellent material for flat roofs, being completely waterproof with no seal joints. When professionally installed, it has three times the life of traditional felt roofing! Ask us for details.

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